Training rehabilitation patients despite the coronavirus crisis

Dr. Rolf Schmachtenberg, Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, makes a virtual visit to the vocational rehabilitation centre in Koblenz, Germany.

On a virtual visit to the vocational rehabilitation centre in Koblenz, Secretary of State Rolf Schmachtenberg was impressed to see how the centre prepares participants for the digital world of work.

The Koblenz centre trains more than 530 people with impairments who, for example, are no longer able to practise their previous profession following an illness or an accident. Director Heinz Werner Meurer describes very clearly the level of commitment needed by himself and his 150 staff in continuing to support and train the rehabilitation patients during the coronavirus crisis, in providing the patients with laptops and in training them in digital learning and working. As in previous years, over 90 percent of those completing their training in 2020 and 2021 were able to find employment. The vocational rehabilitation centre’s close contacts with local businesses helped in this respect.

The Koblenz vocational rehabilitation centre is also involved in the KI.ASSIST project. On site, participants are able to practice overcoming stressful everyday situations. This is achieved using an AI-driven avatar with biofeedback on pulse and breathing. KI.ASSIST is financed from the compensation fund for cross-regional projects supporting participation of persons with severe disability in working life. The project is trialling various digital tools in practice.

Source: (website of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), revised by iMOVE, February 2022