The Osnabrück training region is proud of its successful model for ensuring the supply of skilled workers

Interim review of the internet portal: the full-service package for young people, businesses, parents and schools

The internet portal for the Osnabrück training region was launched six months ago – so what has happened since then? The key decision makers involved are satisfied, but are continually working on improvements. "Besides companies, schools and parents, our primary target is obviously young people. And we want to supply all target groups with information in the best possible way, we're constantly working on this," explains Susanne Steininger who is department head at MaßArbeit, the municipal employment service, and taking charge of the project.

At the end of 2018, nine regional stakeholders from business, education and local government created the "Osnabrück training region". The aim of combating the shortage of skilled workers and strengthening dual education and training has been endorsed once again this year by all partners. The central element of this joint commitment is the online training portal. The information offer continues to grow. The business database, for example, now contains more than 628 regional companies offering training and or placement positions.

The Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture (LWK), the Chamber of Crafts and Trades (HWK) and the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Osnabrück, Emsland and the County of Bentheim are still seeking to attract additional users: "Many companies have recognised that, by using the business database in the internet portal, we are providing them with easy and straightforward access to their future trainees. Awareness of this offer among young people needs to be even greater," – this is a requirement upon which Dr. Goran Miladinovic (HWK), Dirk Lüvolding (LWK) and Juliane Hünefeld-Linkermann (IHK) are all agreed.

Besides expanding the business database, a great deal has also happened in other areas. The events calendar contains all the essential information about the school to job transition – from the training fair to advice for parents, from the application folder check to the STEM event. The placement calendar makes it easier for companies and schools to improve coordination and ensures a better allocation of placements. A particular highlight is the school atlas. This is the only place where all schools in the city and district can be found with their location and a profile. The higher-level secondary schools also provide information about their placement times and projects involving companies. Schools are clearly very committed to this. "They actively use the internet portal with their pupils and think it's great," explains Nadine Kretschmar and Jutta Hilgers from the Osnabrück regional state office for school, education and training. She explains that the regional focus in particular is consistently highlighted as a positive aspect.

On the portal, young people making the transition from school into a job will not just find detailed information about the wide range of training applications and dual degrees available, but also extensive service functions ranging from the occupational choice check, via the company search to the theme of applications. "We are reaching young people in the region with our offers effectively and supporting them in making their career choices – that was, and still is, the goal," explains Jutta Guthardt, operational manager of the Osnabrück employment agency . The intensive use of the platform by schools in classrooms ensures the majority of young people become familiar with the offer at the right age. However stakeholders in the training region want to be really sure. The online channels of the individual partners such as the Osnabrück Jobcenter Instagram account or the MaßArbeit school-business service centre promote the internet portal in a manner appropriate to the target group.

However, with their internet presence the Osnabrück training region is also very much focused on parents. This is because parents are and will remain the key advisers for their children when making that career decision. At, detailed information is available, for example, on the topics of insurance protection for trainees, on the range of training occupations and on the role of parents as a career choice coach. Lars Hellmers, chairman of MaßArbeit and Nicole Anell, operations manager of Osnabrück job centre are certain of one thing: "If we can better inform parents and get them on board, then we will have already taken a huge step towards ensuring the supply of skilled workers."

"With the Osnabrück training region we are actually offering a full-service package for the transition from school to work," sums up Ute Tromp from the education department of the City of Osnabrück. However all partners are ambitious. The offer needs to be continuously improved in order to attract and secure young skilled workers for the region in the best possible way. "We are therefore delighted to receive any suggestions about any information which is missing or what we can do better. This can be done really easily via the training region internet portal," says Steininger by way of an invitation to all interested parties. The internet portal is being funded by the European Social Fund.

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Source: (website on economy news in Germany), revised by iMOVE, November 2022