"THAT'S A PROMISE" – Training fair just before leaving school

The federal state initiative "Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss" ["no dead-end qualifications"] supports pupils from 8th grade onwards in making the transition from school to career.

In order to bring young people back into face-to-face contact with companies and educational institutions following the "contact ban" due to the pandemic, the city of Duisburg set up the training fair "HAND DRAUF" ["THAT'S A PROMISE"] at the start of June in the city centre.

All key stakeholders from the skilled trades and care sectors, but also training providers, vocational colleges as well as the employment office and the job centre were in attendance. Each representative was able to showcase their training offer in their gazebo – there was much discussion, and a chance to wield some tools and apply a bit of make-up. Some stands also invited the young people to get involved: crafting a die by hand, selecting the appropriate shade of lipstick or sampling baked delicacies – "THAT'S A PROMISE" sought to appeal to the interests of the undecided. Over the course of the day at the training fair, lots of young people took the opportunity to have a really close look at the broad range of progression options. Individual consultations meant that, for one or two of the attendees, it was possible to make specific arrangements.

Astrid Neese, councillor responsible for education, employment and social affairs, also gave the skilled trades at the fair a try and considers "THAT'S A PROMISE" a great success. “Together with the various stakeholders in the area of education and training, the municipal coordinating body has been able to highlight a specific progression option for many young people shortly before they leave school. Future school leavers must also not be denied this help. 'THAT'S A PROMISE' definitely needs to be become a permanent fixture on the pupils' calendar!"

Source: lokalkompass.de, website on local news in the city of Duisburg, revised by iMOVE, September 2022