Summer of Vocational Training: Matchmaking between young people and training companies

Partners in the Alliance for Initial and Continuing Education and Training look back on a successful "Summer of Vocational Training".

Matching young people with training companies so that they can start training – this was what partners in the Alliance for Initial and Continuing Education and Training were campaigning for from June to October 2021 in the "Summer of Vocational Training". They used nine topic-based campaign days to showcase the wide range opportunities for personal development offered by company-based vocational education and training.

The campaign days were supported by a range of events such as information events and summer camps, and they attracted a large number of young people. The tally overall for the "summer" was around 800 regional events, and more than two million views on social media were achieved over this period. This meant it was possible to reach a large number of young people and their parents and to tell them about the outstanding job opportunities, career opportunities and earnings potential offered by dual training. Many companies were also motivated to offer training positions and to make appointments.

Through their joint efforts during the "Summer of Vocational Training", the alliance partners succeeded in prominently positioning vocational and dual training in the public eye both regionally and nationally. The initiative's success is also reflected in the current numbers for the training market. Companies in industry and commerce, the skilled trades and in the liberal professions concluded two percent more training contracts by the end of September 2021 compared to the previous year.

Following the end of the "Summer of Training", the Alliance for Initial and Continuing Education and Training is also calling for dual training to be strengthened. The support with recruitment also continues. The Chambers' apprenticeship exchanges and the Federal Employment Agency's trainee exchange still have a lot of attractive training positions on offer and awaiting interested applicants. Many businesses and companies are still looking for the specialist they need in the future.

Source: press release of the German federal Ministry of Education and Research, revised by iMOVE, March 2022