Siemens looks to digital training

The company reports that it requires almost 1190 junior staff at all locations across Germany. Krefeld is one of these.

On 1 September 2020 around 1400 trainees and dual students entered the world of work with Siemens at 23 locations in Germany, one of which was Krefeld. Siemens, together with Siemens Mobility and Siemens Healthineers, thus continues its training programme during the coronavirus crisis.

Training for Siemens Energy apparently being continued independently. In addition to the internal requirement of almost 1190 junior staff, there are, it is said, around 190 young people being trained on the Siemens Professional Education programme for external partner companies.

Virtual tools and simulations for the trainees

Thomas Leubner, Head of the Learning and Education Department, commented: "We have been able to continue our training activities without interruption. We were helped in this by the digital expertise of the company and our trainers who pushed on and set up the training digitally." He explained how, in just a few weeks, virtual tools, platforms, software and simulations were procured, the trainer community was set up, and a virtual online curriculum was created and has been continually developed.

"Digital learning plans and weekly schedules as well as direct communication between learners and trainers in live seminars and virtual teaching units have all contributed to maintaining the transfer of learning and, above all, social contact," says Leubner. Digital learning as a whole has been given an enormous boost at Siemens. "We have redesigned our training concept," explains Barbara Ofstad, Head of Siemens Professional Education in Germany.

Trainers are increasingly taking on the role of a learning mentor, using digital methods to create a mix of virtual and real learning environments, the latter including in-person training. "The new teaching methods will also play an important role in the future," confirms Ofstad.

Source: (website of the German newspaper Westdeutsche Zeitung), revised by iMOVE, March 2021