Schwandorf partner school hosts Nairobi delegation

A partnership between the Vocational Training Centre in Schwandorf and the Nairobi Technical Training Institute is now a few months old. As part of this, a delegation from Kenya has now arrived in the district.

A delegation from the Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI) spent a number of days visiting the Vocational School Centre in Schwandorf. The NTTI and the Schwandorf Vocational School Centre share a similar subject and training profile and in November last year they set up a school partnership. According to a press release, this is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development which is currently running a programme to promote youth employment and vocational education and training in Kenya.

Following an initial visit by the Schwandorf school leadership team to Nairobi in January of this year, twelve teachers have now made a return visit. Following a tour of the school building led by Armin Erben and observation of an economics class given by Tobias Krafczyk, head teacher Josef Most introduced the Vocational School Centre with its external posts. The Vocational School Centre's digital equipment, such as the digital whiteboards, were of particular interest.

District administrator Thomas Ebeling, chair of the "Lernende Region" (Learning region) association which provides organisational support for the activity, welcomed the guests, gave an overview of the Schwandorf district, and underlined the importance of international exchange to education in particular . He explained how both parties only stand to benefit from a sharing of experience in this way. The programme for the subsequent days of the delegation’s visit to Upper Palatinate included a visit to the Vocational School Centre’s external post in Nabburg.

Source: (online newsletter of the German Pfalz region), revised by iMOVE, November 2022