SanLucar Tunisia offers jobs to graduates with training in agriculture

The premium brand for fruit and vegetables, SanLucar works with public education and training centres in Tunisia to help young, talented individuals build a future in the agricultural sector.

36 young Tunisian agricultural vocational education and training (VET) graduates have recently signed their first employment contract with SanLucar. This figure is expected to rise over the coming years thanks to collaboration with the El Alia vocational training centre for agriculture in Bizerte (Tunisia).

This initiative is the result of a public-private partnership between SanLucar, the Agricultural Extension and Training Agency (AVFA) and Swisscontact Tunisia. The aim is to offer development opportunities to young Tunisians in the area of SanLucar's agricultural activities.
SanLucar has three of its own farms in Tunisia and has also entered into a new partnership in the country with the Zerkine-Mareth agricultural vocational education and training centre.

The ceremonial signing of contracts with the initial graduates from the El Alia centre was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, as well as the Governor of Bizerte in addition to other parties responsible within Tunisia.

The philosophy of "Taste in harmony with people and nature" forms the foundation of all of SanLucar’s activities and is the basis for many social and sustainable projects. 

Source: (website on news from the fruit sector), revised by iMOVE, December 2022