Piano maker is a unique craft trade

Playing the piano is one thing, making it is quite another. The two trainees David Herrmann and Anna Sender are currently learning to do this at the Trier-based piano makers Pianohaus Marcus Hübner. 

Minister for Economic Affairs, Volker Wissing visited the professional workshop as part of Vocational Skills Week and highlighted the specific training piano makers receive in this craft trade. The business uses YouTube videos to market the craft trade of piano maker in a very modern way. Employees and trainees discuss the occupation of piano maker below. "The craft trade is varied and also provides the opportunity to specialise," says Minister for Economic Affairs Volker Wissing on a visit to the piano makers Pianohaus Marcus Hübner as part of Vocational Skills Week. "Piano maker is a unique craft trade. Those who specialise become experts in the area."

The search for the next generation starts early

There is a huge emphasis on recruitment in this business. For example, employees and trainees can find out about the occupation of piano maker via YouTube. As part of the "Young piano maker" workshop, aspiring piano makers provide children between the ages of six and 14 with a vivid insight into the world of pianos, grand pianos and harpsichords. They give them a tour of the workshop, show them the instruments from the inside, explain how sound is created and talk about the history of the piano.

Hübner has its own grand piano factory and rents out grand pianos and pianos for events. The Pianohaus not only sells regionally, but also has clients across the world from America to Japan. The owner Marcus Hübner is a master craftsman in piano and harpsichord making. He set up the Pianohaus as his own business in 1990. Since 2002, the Pianohaus Hübner has been offering pianos and grand pianos bearing its own M Hübner brand. Company boss Marcus Hübner currently has 16 employees and 2 trainees. When he was very young, he gained experience of piano making in his father's workshop.

In 1984 he started his three-and-a-half year training to become a piano maker at the Schimmel company in Braunschweig and in 1987 he won second prize in the national tuning competition organised by the Association of German Piano Manufacturers. In 1995 he completed his final piece to achieve the master craftsman qualification with the company Seiler in Kitzingen and was awarded the title of master craftsman in piano and harpsichord making by the Trier Chamber of Crafts and Trades.

Source: handwerksblatt.de (news portal of the German Chambers of Crafts), revised by iMOVE, May 2021