First chamber of crafts and trade's Passivhaus standard education and training centre in Germany

The Trier Chamber of Crafts and Trade's (HWK) "skilled trades campus" was officially opened as part of the "Fascination of Skilled Trades" week. 

"We are delighted at the completion of this beacon for the skilled trades and for vocational education and training in Rhineland-Palatinate, and we congratulate the (HWK) on the opening of their new educational institution," explains Minister President Malu Dreyer and Minister for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt at the opening ceremony.

This involved a construction period of five years and construction costs of €44 million. €12.5 million was provided by the HWK's own funds, €18.5 million by the federal government, and €12.8 million by the federal state which included support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). "This investment in the training and continuing education of tomorrow's tradespeople shows the high priority given to vocational education and training in our state. This project demonstrates how the construction industry is already able to perform in the modern age – environmentally aware, sustainably and with a holistic energy concept. I am therefore proud today to be able to present the federal state's climate protection plaque to the Trier Chamber of Crafts and Trades for this work," declared the Minister President.

The Minister President described the fact that the building itself can also be used as a training tool and that the individual stages of work and progress of construction can subsequently be brought back to life using virtual reality glasses as "highly innovative".

Minister for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt added: "The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has consistently increased support for vocational education and training over recent years. With advancement bonuses we are continuing a story of success and once again showing the degree to which we value dual training. We are supporting innovation and digitalisation. We are giving trainees opportunities and providing them with excellent career prospects. It is also important in this process that we consistently improve the quality of training. This also includes education and training centre facilities and their offers. In the chambers of crafts and trades we have strong partners at our side and I am delighted that together with the HWK we have been able to successfully implement this innovative skilled trades campus. I am convinced that an attractive and modern environment motivates both trainees and teachers," explains Schmitt. The Ministry of Economic Affairs provided funding of €10 million for the new build.

The area of 9,700 square metres includes 30 workshops, classrooms, conference rooms and training rooms, 412 workshop stations, 182 teaching areas and a dental education and training centre for the whole federal state. These are available for initial vocational education and training, for careers guidance, for continuing and advanced vocational education and training and for prospective master craftspeople in eleven trades. In addition, the aim is also to support new skilled trade areas such as renewable energies and e-mobility.

"The skilled trades are a key pillar of the Rhineland-Palatinate economy. The skilled trades campus is enabling us to ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology and therefore the competitiveness of the entire sector. With the 'Fascination of Skilled Trades' week you have succeeded in highlighting the opportunities provided by the different trades for interested graduates, young people and for those seeking new opportunities, and in generating curiosity among these groups," said Minister President Malu Dreyer and Minister for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt.

Source: (website of the German Federal State Rheinland-Pfalz), revised by iMOVE, October 2022