Federal state government is supporting all master craftsman qualifications with a €1000 continuing training grant

From July onwards all master craftsman qualifications will receive €1,000 in financial support.

Since the launch of the master craftsman bonus in 2018, more than 5000 applications have been approved and more than €20 million in funding has been paid out. "The SPD-led federal state government has consistently campaigned for the equivalence of academic and vocational education and training and, with the master craftsman bonus, has contributed significantly to making training occupations more attractive and ultimately to promoting the master craftsman level of qualification," emphasises Rüdiger Kauroff, SPD federal state parliamentary group spokesman for craft trades policy.

"The continuing training grant is being used to continue the success so far of the federal state government, and from July onwards, all master craftsman qualifications will receive support of €1,000. It's not just that continuing vocational education and training is made more attractive as a result and is being supported, but in the long term this will strengthen the economy of Lower Saxony and significantly contribute to securing the supply of skilled workers in our federal state," continues Kauroff.

As announced by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hanover, from 1 July 2020 "industrial foreman and master craftsman in the commercial and technical sector and in the agriculture, forestry and housekeeping sector" will also benefit from the continuing training grant of €1,000. "In view of the coronavirus pandemic in particular, while many are facing uncertain professional futures, we are consolidating the continuing education and training options in our federal state, putting in place incentives and, in particular, strengthening the non-academic occupational fields," explains the SPD politician.

Source: garbsen-city-news.de (newsportal of the German city Garbsen), revised by iMOVE, November 2020