Excellent! Deutsche Telekom "best trainer" for vocational training and cooperative study programs

For the fourth time, "Capital" magazine recognized the best trainers in Germany (German only). Deutsche Telekom was able to impress the judges again this year and received the seal for professional training and the cooperative study program.

Together with Territory Embrace (agency for employer branding, HR marketing, and recruiting) and Ausbildung.de, 666 companies were surveyed between June and March. Together, all of the companies represent around 138,000 apprentices. The companies were assessed using 90 of the most varied questions. 

Even in times of crisis, such as the current Corona pandemic, Telekom is a reliable partner for training within the Group.

An assessment was performed using the five criteria mentoring, learning in the company, chances of success, digitalization & innovation, and marketing of the vocational training courses.

The "mentoring" category looks at the integration of the apprentices in the company and how they are coached. Attention was also given to the qualification of the trainers. 

The second area "learning in the company" comprises learning methods, monitoring of success, and various vocational training plans. "Chances of success" were determined according to recruitment, drop-out rates, and starting salaries. "Digitalization & innovation" rates innovative methods such as how digital media is dealt with and how companies integrate and utilize the technical skills of their apprentices. The fifth category analyzes the strategies and budget for the "marketing of the training courses".

Deutsche Telekom managed to impress in the "mentoring" and "digitalization & innovation" categories, in which it managed to achieve top marks. In the overall score, Telekom received four stars for vocational training and five stars for its cooperative study program. Therefore, Deutsche Telekom can consider itself to be the "best trainer in Germany" for cooperative study programs and vocational training.

The quality of Deutsche Telekom as an employer for apprentices is particularly emphasized here. Telekom Vocational Training responded very quickly and professionally to the challenging situation posed by the coronavirus pandemic and, within its extensive measures, illustrated that it also remains a reliable partner for vocational training within the Group. To ensure it was able to continue fulfilling its training assignment, the vocational training concept was flexibly modified in a very short space of time which consequently ensured that the almost 6,000 members of junior staff in training could continue to be supported in their home environment. 

Thanks to the ongoing close support and regular contact, the apprentices and students on cooperative study programs were not left alone at any point in time and can be sure that they will be able to successfully complete their vocational training.

Their personal learning and study coaches as well as their business experts remain available at all times as their contact persons. In the current situation, Telekom Vocational Training has also made job-specific learning packages available in addition to the previously available learning content via online learning platforms to all junior staff in training who are unable to work in the company.

Thanks to Deutsche Telekom's sophisticated and quickly established hygiene concept, the offices are also safe areas meaning that the vocational training can also primarily take place on site because – in addition to health – learning and working in a company environment is Telekom Vocational Training’s top priority. 

Source: telekom.com (website of the German telecommunications company Telekom), revised by iMOVE, May 2021