Dream grade in a dream job Jana Rombach aces examination with 1.0

Jana Lisa Rombachs was aiming for a career in social welfare and medicine She has achieved this goal as a medical assistant - and the young woman from Schiltach completed the training with a grade of 1.0.

It began with the placement and has ended – for the time being – with the ideal grade: Jana Lisa Rombach (20) completed her training as a medical assistant with a commendation. Her colleague Luisa Schmider (24) from Wolfach also made it onto the next rung of the career ladder at the Rombach medical practice in Oberwolfach. 

Medical council commendation

The excellent performance by Jana Rombach from Schiltach at the Achern vocational school was rewarded with a commendation from the Southern Baden District Medical Council. She passed the medical assistant examination in July with flying colours achieving a grade of 1.0. 

Medical assistant is basically the dream job for the 20-year-old. "I always wanted to do something in the area of social welfare and medicine," she says, explaining her choice of occupation. When she was at her intermediate level secondary school, she completed a placement at the practice where her mother, Dr Heike Rombach, worked in Oberwolfach. This was to be a defining experience. "I enjoyed it so much that I decided to train as a medical assistant."

She found a training position at the Rombach practice which was where she also completed a placement. She attended the vocational college which meant she was able to shorten her three-year training period to two. Following the end of her training, she already has further plans in place for her career; she would like to complete continuing vocational education and training. There are a range of options available to her for this.

However, to start with, she wants to continue to work for another year as a medical assistant at the practice, "in order to gain experience," she explains. "I really enjoy the work." She says she would choose the occupation again. "I couldn't have done any better."

Varied job

The 20-year-old feels completely at home at her mother's practice. She explains how her areas of work are many and varied such as reception and booking appointments for patients. Other areas of the job involve taking blood, applying bandages, vaccinations, urine examinations and disease management programmes for those with chronic illnesses. She also intends to remain loyal to the practice after completing continuing vocational education and training.

A second member of the team also recently completed their training very successfully. Luisa Schmider from Wolfach completed additional vocational training as a diabetes assistant with the German Diabetes Society. This also means she is now entitled to train as a diabetes consultant. It’s therefore hardly surprising that their boss Heike Rombach is more than satisfied with her two very successful employees. But she adds that this of course applies to the whole team too.

Source: bo.de (news portal baden online), revised by iMOVE, June 2021