Digital transformation: online continuing education and training for skilled workers and management

The digital transformation is posing new challenges for skilled workers and managers in terms of corporate governance. The Professional School of the Leuphana University Lüneburg is using an online certificate course to provide the opportunity of training for these duties alongside a career. 

The course provision addresses issues such as the digital transformation, Industry 4.0, digital marketing, digital and data protection, World of Work 4.0, as well as change and innovation. The first module began in August 2020.

The subject areas are analysed for different corporate areas and explanations from practice are provided. A total of seven modules, each lasting for six weeks, can be booked either individually or in combination with a practice module as a certificate programme. In each case, the focus of the units is a live online event involving direct interaction between the participants and the experts. The scope of the continuing education and training comprises learning videos, blog posts and interactive learning materials. 

If all module assessments are passed, participants can ultimately achieve a university certificate serving as proof of the 35 credit points gained and which can also count towards appropriate courses of study - for example towards the Bachelor's in Business Administration at the Professional School.

Source: (website of the German university Leuphana), revised by iMOVE, February 2021