"Developing vocational education and training together!"

Prof. Erich Bauer, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Trust welcomed Albert Rupprecht (Member of the Bundestag), Dr. Stephan Oetzinger (Member of the State Parliament) and Walter Schütz, Senior Inspector of Schools from the Upper Palatinate government, to the new Future Lab in Weiherhammer.

An open and frank discussion then followed. This addressed future issues from a range of different perspectives such as what the World of Work 4.0 will look like, what the role of vocational educational and training will be in the future, what changes are necessary, how innovation should be initiated, and what equipment needs to be made available.

"We must not neglect vocational education and training under any circumstances. Instead, we have to rethink it so that we benefit from it in the future," insists Albert Rupprecht, who represents the region as spokesperson for education and research policy-making in the German Federal Parliament.

"The project #Alliance for the vocational education and training in Eastern Bavaria# has enabled us to reach an initial milestone in supporting the ongoing development of vocational education and training,” explains Erich Bauer, “but that is just the start." We need to push on together with ideas, visions and projects in order to make vocational education and training fit for the future across Germany and in our own communities.

Source: oberpfalzecho.de (website of the German newspaper Oberpfalzecho), revised by iMOVE, January 2022