Dallmayr Academy & DHA

Tearista and barista continuing education 

The Dallmayr Gastronomie Service and the German Hotel Academy (Deutsche Hotelakademie, DHA) look back on a successful start to their partnership. The DHA have truly hit the mark by adding the barista and tearista module direct from the Dallmayr Academy to their continuing education offer.

From now on, the DHA is offering the tearista or barista module to students on selected courses. Both courses begin with a theoretical element and are completed with in-person training in small groups. The theory element can be accessed digitally and gives participants flexibility. After passing this successfully, the practical training takes place at one of the Dallmayr Academy locations.

The barista foundation module begins with an introduction to coffee basics. In addition to in-depth basic knowledge on beans and sensory skills, students work with the portafilter machine themselves and learn how to prepare the perfect coffee. On the tearista training, students are given an insight into the world of tea. The goal is to train the participants’ sense of taste and teach all the important skills for correctly preparing tea.

The web-based training module and an in-person element with appropriate hygiene measures meant it was also possible to complete the courses successfully under coronavirus conditions. As of August, DHA staff and seminar attendees can look forward to a new seminar location with 1500 square metres of space in Cologne, Germany.

Source: tophotel.de (website for the hotel sector), revised by iMOVE, July 2022