Continuing education for the master's in periodontology – even in times of crisis

The periodontology master's course has been reliant on a digital concept for more than 15 years. 

The turbulence caused by the coronavirus crisis is likely affecting all of us in one way or another. Everybody is now talking about webinars, advanced training online and e-learning and we are all endeavouring to shift to a digital offer. Digital learning has been at the heart of the concept behind the master's in periodontology and implant therapy for almost 15 years.

The concept behind the master's course is based on the perfect combination of flexible learning via online content, and professional supervision by specialists in the area of periodontology throughout the entire period of study. The online content is available 24/7 which means it can be worked on flexibly and on an individual basis. This involves the use of multimedia formats such as interactive patient cases, e-lectures, surgery videos and 3D animations, all of which offer a varied learning experience.

The digital learning units are supplemented by around three face-to-face teaching events each year. They focus on issues which require practical exercises and training. These include, for example, practical hands-on exercises on a pig jaw or periodontal surgery measures on selected patients under supervision.

The crisis is therefore being used as an opportunity, and plans people made can be kept to in order to continue their education in the area of periodontology and implant therapy. The periodontology master's course is continuing education which is worthwhile both for dentists and patients - including, and in particular, in times of crisis.

The innovative course was awarded the Thieme innovation prize for outstanding education.

Source: (German magazine on dental health), revised by iMOVE, November 2020