Continuing education course in project development for climate protection and sustainability

From September 2022, Bremen University is offering a continuing education course on the topic of "Project Development for Environment – Energy – Sustainability". Those currently searching for work and who can show they have a previous qualification, for example in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), are able to take future training in a future-oriented field.

The topics of energy transition and climate protection are right at the top of the political agenda. Fundamental change is required to meet the targets set and skilled workers need to manage and support this change with interdisciplinary knowledge. For example, whether it's about implementing wind and solar farms, climate protection management, environmental and energy management or sustainability communication, the STEM fields provide a range of opportunities for job seekers, people returning to their work and for migrants. These include employment in engineering and planning offices, with professional associations, authorities and energy suppliers as well as in water management, nature conservation and environmental protection.

Participants with the continuing education training course "Project Development for Environment – Energy – Sustainability" from Bremen University qualify for these innovative areas of work. Specialist knowledge is delivered on renewable energies ranging from photovoltaics to hydropower. It also covers areas of activity and implementation strategies relating to sustainability, as well as environmental and energy law and solution concepts for technical facilities.

Individual coaching is also provided to develop career prospects based on personal competencies and to improve language skills. The offer from Bremen University's Academy of Continuing Education lasts for 15 months (includes a three-month placement). Regular information events take place for anyone who is interested.