Coburg: "You never stop learning"

Continuing education and training organisations showcase themselves 

Following a two-year break, nine regional continuing education and training organisations have showcased themselves in Coburg, Germany. The purpose was to show visitors the opportunities available to them for lifelong learning in the region.

The aim was also to provide visitors with an overview of the continuing education and training offers in the training region of Coburg. Those interested, for example, were able to get an idea – in an easy-to-access way and without committing themselves – of the range of training offers available, seek advice and chat with representatives from the different institutions.

The continuing training day came about in 2013 as a result of an initiative by the Institute for Lifelong Learning at Coburg University and of a funding project. The last time it was run in 2019, ten training providers from around the region took part. Matthias Schmidt, Director of the ASCO language school, organised the event with his team in 2019. "It's great that competitors from the area of education and training here in Coburg can come together for a common cause – there's no competing here," explains Schmidt.

The education office of the town of Coburg is now organising the continuing education and training mile which was originally planned for 2020. "As the continuing education training working group, we had wanted to do this for a long time," explains Matthias Schmidt. "But then the coronavirus pandemic threw a spanner in the works!"

Source: (website on business in the German region of Franken, revised by iMOVE, August 2022)