Chinese florists successfully complete "FDF Floral Arranger" certificate course

Following a two-week intensive course at Florist Park, the ten Chinese participants from the partner agency of the German Florists' Association (Fachverband deutscher Floristen – FDF) and the florists' platform cnfloral in Beijing, successfully completed their "floral arranger" examination before an examination committee of the Gelsenkirchen Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

This was the second FDF qualification seminar for Chinese florists from cnfloral with a "floral arranger" final examination presided over by the North Rhine-Westphalian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Gelsenkirchen. The examination included a theoretical and a practical element. During the practical examination, participants had to complete container planting, a bouquet/bunched piece and an arranged container, and as part of the complex task had to produce a room, mourning, table or wedding piece.

The certificates from the FDA and the IHK were presented directly following the examination during a ceremony at FloristPark. FDF Treasurer Michael Rhein and Johannes Lansing from the North Rhine-Westphalian Chamber of Industry and Commerce congratulated participants warmly as they handed over the floral arranger certificates. They paid tribute to the hard work, ambition and commitment of participants who had worked with great intensity and prepared themselves for the examination under the guidance of course leader Andreas Faber. And the results speak for themselves! Maria Straatmann (Bocholt), Günter Flores (Bocholt) and Clemens Schillmöller (Alfter) of the IHK examination committee praised the excellent work from a design and technical perspective as well as the individuality and creativity shown in the execution of the final pieces.

Several of the pieces entered for the examination achieved the maximum points total of 100. Course leader, Andreas Faber, concluded by thanking his participants for their commitment and hard work. Over two weeks he had trained, advised and encouraged the eight female and two male Chinese participants at ForestPark and had given them tips on the examination pieces – he was accompanied at all times by interpreter Yue Yu who provided simultaneous translation of the teaching.

The entire examination format was based on the German final examination for the occupation of florist. The "floral arranger" certification confirms that the ten international seminar participants have achieved a comparable level of specialist competence to that acquired by German florists completing the florist training. Head of course Andreas Faber had previously trained the participants in Beijing at cnfloral prior to the examination preparation. Managing Director Jack Cui Long had actually also intended to be present at the awarding of certificates in Gelsenkirchen, but unfortunately was forced to cancel at the last minute.

Having successfully completed the "FDF Floral Arranger" certificate course, the Chinese "flower arrangers" now have the option of completing the advanced seminar of "Floral stylist". This programme will provide them with competencies comparable to those delivered through the German advanced training for the master craftsman qualification in floristry.

Source: (website of the German Florists’ Association), revised by iMOVE, January 2020