Chancellor hosts the team from WorldSkills Germany

Over time it has become a lovely tradition. At the end of the year, Angela Merkel invites the German national skills team to Berlin. At the reception, the head of the government praised the WorldSkills participants as "excellent ambassadors for training in Germany".

"You have all shown perseverance, sportsmanship, skill and talent and you are great ambassadors for training in Germany," commented Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcoming the German national skills team from WorldSkills in Kazan 2019 to the Federal Chancellery. "We want 'Made in Germany' to be something that also has a major appeal in the future and that is respected around the world. Of course, this will only happen with skilled workers who have been very well trained," explains the Chancellor. She also emphasised that the possibility of obtaining an academic degree once you have the vocational education and training needs to be made clear. This is particularly the case, she added, if Germany wants to have two equal pillars of education. "Those who enjoy working in their profession are very welcome in Germany, and around the world there must be people who take a practical approach to life."

Culmination of a special year

For Team Germany, which returned home from Russia at the end of August with two gold medals, three bronze medals and 19 medallions for excellence from the World Skills competition, the reception at the federal chancellery was a very special honour. "Dear Chancellor, today you have afforded our champions another unique experience which represents the culmination of a very special year," emphasised Andrea Zeus, Chair of WorldSkills Germany in her address at the reception. She added that the invitation to Berlin shows how important vocational education and training is for the Chancellor and for the Federal Government.

Germany must not miss the boat

"Over the past 14 years you have always welcomed us with open arms and we would like to thank you sincerely for this," said Hubert Romer, Managing Director of WorldSkills Germany, addressing the Chancellor directly in this speech. He added that so much could be achieved with vocational education in Germany and in the world, in particular with inspiring ambassadors such as those making up 100 per cent of the national team. "But we must not be under any illusions," explains Romer. "Other nations are developing at a rapid speed. In Germany as a training nation, we must make sure we do not miss the boat in the near future. A strong foundation is required in order to successfully and appropriately represent Germany as a location for training and likewise as a location for business. We need ideas from other countries and should also be willing to use them for the ongoing development in our country. Learning from one another means giving something and gaining something in return," emphasised Romer.

Source: (magazine of the German crafts sector), revised by iMOVE, April 2020