Audiology: off to a flying start with the "Bachelor Professional"

Masters for good hearing

As a master craftsperson in the craft trade of audiology, you also acquire the right to use the protected professional title of "Bachelor Professional". "Essential occupations requiring a master craftsperson qualification such as the audiologist are in no way inferior to a degree," explains Marianne Frickel, President of the Federal Guild of Hearing-Aid Acousticians (biha). "Having successfully passed the journeyman examination, those opting to complete the master craftsperson certificate are able to start their own business and offer training themselves." However, there is also a need for audiologists in teaching and research. The audiology degree in Lübeck at master’s through to doctorate level is also open to them.

Whether it's full-time master craftsperson courses or intensive courses alongside work – the Academy of Hearing Aid Acousticians in Lübeck offers journeyman in this sector various types of courses to prepare them for the master craftsperson examination. This teaches all the knowledge and skills needed for the master craftsperson examination.

Following intensive preparation, around 200 journeyman this year have already successfully passed the master craftsperson examination with the Academy of Hearing Aid Acousticians. Examination preparation was also guaranteed at the Academy of Hearing Aid Acousticians over the period of the lockdown phases caused by the pandemic. If required, the teaching of theory can be moved to virtual classrooms both on the full-time master craftsperson course as well as on the intensive courses. The tried-and-tested infrastructure, as well as many years of experience with e-learning offers supplementing in-person teaching, mean that the switch can be made to online teaching at short notice.

In addition to this, a proven and extensive hygiene concept means that practical in-person teaching is ensured.

Further information about master craftsperson courses in the craft trade of audiology is available on the website of the Academy of Hearing Aid Acoustics:

Academy of Hearing Aid Acoustics

Source: (website of the BIHA Organization), revised by iMOVE, December 2021