IST-Studieninstitut is official educational partner of Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fortuna Dusseldorf, a football club in the 2nd division of the German football league, will cooperate from now on with the IST-Studieninstitut in order to offer its staff members and football players opportunities of vocational qualification in the sports industry.

Nowadays, it is increasingly important for professional athletes to plan their future after their active careers early enough.

"An extra-occupational advanced training is useful here", says Marco Gensmüller, Head of Education at the IST-Studieninstitut. "'Normal' studies which include a considerable amount of attendances are difficult to complete for professional athletes because of their time-consuming sports trainings and competitions. A distance learning course offers the necessary flexibility to acquire a certified diploma independent of time and place. Thus, it is possible to - in addition to the sports activities - pave the way for the time after."

Markus Hirte, Head of the training center for young talents of Fortuna Dusseldorf, is convinced of the importance of advanced training, "Of course, we have a very achievement-oriented approach and the success in sports is of high significance. Nevertheless, we see to it that our football players meet their obligations in school and bring their individual career planning in line with a qualified education respectively."

Fortuna Dusseldorf has now agreed upon an official educational partnership with the IST-Studieninstitut. "The IST-Studieninstitut is the ideal partner for us", Markus Hirte states. "The Institute has years of experience in the field of vocational education and offers a convincing concept as well as numerous high-quality advanced trainings in sports management."

As part of the agreed cooperation, employees of the IST-Studieninstitut will carry out consulting services for all interested staff members and players of Fortuna Dusseldorf and be available as contact persons for questions concerning further education or career planning.

Source: Deaf News Magazin, revised by iMOVE, May 2011