16th German educational media award

As part of the education fair didacta, this year's patron, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Prof. Dr. Marion Schick, awarded the German education media award "digita 2011" to nine laureates.

The eight-member jury consisted of academics, education administrators and business representatives. According to the jury, the laureates stand out due to their convincing didactic approaches and their exemplary use of digital media.

Altogether, 19 media packages, computer programmes, learning systems, online services and digital tools for learning in school, vocational and further training as well as in the private sector were nominated for the "digita 2011".

By their elaborate alignment of contents as well as the didactic design of topics, the "digita" laureates demonstrate that modern educational media can add high value to teaching and learning by making use of computer and internet technology.

"Media literacy is an essential key skill. It means that children and teenagers are able to select media reasonably and to reflect the range of media products critically. Therefore, we need high-quality educational media", says Minister Schick.

Internet-based learning is getting more and more important. It plays a key role among half of the laureates and nominees for the "digita 2011" - both as a pure internet service and as a key medium in a mixed media environment. Mobile learning is also represented in the competition, but there is a potential for development concerning the quality.

Source: CHECK.point ELearning, revised by iMOVE, May 2011