Investing in the future for sustainablity of education and research

According to the budgetary planning of the German government for 2010, the budget of the Ministry of Education and Research has been raised by 7 per cent to the amount of 10.9 billion euros compared to 2009.

Investing in the future of education and research is of supreme priority for the German government. "We need to invest in order to overcome the economic crisis and to lay the groundwork for future sources of prosperity", said Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research. "Despite the difficult financial situation at present, education and research have been sustainably established in the federal budget. This is a strong signal of the government."

According to the budget for 2010 the German government will invest an additional 750 million euros in education and research. The budget of the Ministry of Education and Research has been raised by 7 per cent to the amount of 10.9 billion euros compared to 2009. The budget for the "modernisation and strengthening of vocational training" has been almost doubled to 190 million euros - a new record. Schavan said, "Social participation starts at the entrance to the job market. We want all young people in our country to acquire the necessary skills for this important step."

Source: News Release by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, revised by iMOVE, February 2010