'Multimedia Nobel Prize' for video language training from LinguaTV

The only German winner at the World Summit Award 2009


LinguaTV received the World Summit Award (WSA) in the 'e-learning and education' category for its multimedia language learning platform. The company is the only German participant to be awarded a prize in Monterrey (Mexico).

Founded by and with continued support from UNESCO among others, the World Summit Award is held every two years. The Berlin-based start-up’s language training website, lingorilla.com, has been selected by an international jury of experts from a total of more than 20,000 submissions. With contemporary and entertaining e-learning content, LinguaTV connects language enthusiasts across the globe. LinguaTV was also the winner of the 2008 German IPTV award.

The WSA (www.wsis-award.org), which has been taking place since 2003, honors the world's best e-content and e-services. The global competition is supported by UNESCO, UNIDO and the Internet Society. One of the most famous Internet experts in the world, Prof. Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the initiator of the 'One Laptop per Child' initiative, described the World Summit Award as “the Nobel Prize of Multimedia”. A 34-member panel of experts has chosen a total of 40 competition entries spread across eight categories from all parts of the world.


Interactive learning platform banks on the power of moving pictures

The core of their web-TV offering is special professionally-produced training videos with subtitles and relevant vocabulary. As part of their learning experience, users move between video scenes, online dictionaries, and interactive exercises. Licensed content such as travel reports and music videos from partners gives the user interesting impressions from different countries, people and cultures whilst training listening comprehension at the same time. The interactive exercises build on previously acquired knowledge.

With its cross-platform point system, LinguaTV shows the overall progress of users and helps them to compare their experiences with other learners. As such, the community plays an important role at lingorilla.com and each language enthusiast is invited to find a learning partner from more than 150 countries, and then communicate with them via the integrated video chat. In the virtual classroom, people can meet virtually or take a language course.

Federal Minister of Education praises LinguaTV

Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Germany´s Federal Minister for Education and Research, congratulated LinguaTV on their success at the World Summit Award. In her congratulatory letter Schavan showed that she was clearly impressed: "I am delighted that LinguaTV´s educational offering could convince the international jury and succeed against the competition from 170 other countries. This is even more outstanding because LinguaTV as a small and young company has reached this on its own."

Further Information for the press

TV reporters can get video footage about LinguaTV and Lingorilla.


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About LinguaTV:

LinguaTV produces videos for modern language learning. The topic-specific video tutorials are geared to the unique needs of companies and private individuals for effective training. The extensive online platform includes Web-TV, entertaining videos, interactive games and "social network community" features such as video chat and study groups.

Source: News release LinguaTV GmbH, September 2009