2019 Landscape Gardeners' Cup at BUGA

Hannes Mattenklott and Simon Hummel of the training company TEAM GRÜN Furtner-Althaus from Elzach in the Black Forest fought hard to win the title of "German Champions" in gardening and landscaping.

BGL Vice President Paul Saum, who is responsible for the vocational training area, was thrilled by the performance and the level of quality which the teams showcased to the public at the Federal Garden Show: "We are immensely proud of the young talent we have trained in the occupation of landscape gardener. What the young people demonstrated over the two days of competition in terms of commitment, teamwork and above all professional skill, was simply brilliant and provides an indication of the outstanding levels of commitment shown by our companies across Germany in the training they provide. These gardens also show visitors to BUGA just how much creativity and variety is involved in this particular occupation. In my view, there is no better stage than the Landscape Gardeners' Cup for showcasing where our profession is currently at."

Over a total of 15 hours' competition time across two days, all teams were required to construct a 3.80 m by 3,80 m garden following a predetermined plan to precise dimensions and showing the relevant expertise. The designs to be implemented reflected the overall work of a landscape gardener in every respect. In addition to a natural stone wall incorporating a recessed round seat, a wooden walkway had to be constructed and a complex paved area needed to be completed. Bushes and flowering shrubs had to be planted in keeping with the appropriate plant communities. The expert and fair assessment of the individual gardens was undertaken by a specialist jury of 11 individuals, the chairman of which was Ludger Plaßmann.

BUGA was the perfect location for staging this exciting competition in which a total of 11 teams of two competed against each other.

Source: dega-galabau.de (magazine on gardening), revised by iMOVE, February 2020