200 students will be studying in the dual VET programm of the BMW group plant debrecen

In September, the newest 100 hundred students of the BMW Group's Dual Vocational Training (VET) Programme will begin their studies at the BMW Training Centre in Debrecen, Hungary, which was inaugurated in October and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet all needs.

The one hundred new participants in the programme, which offers the knowledge and invaluable experience of a full career in BMW's high-tech manufacturing environment, were selected for the three-year course after a thorough selection process that took two weeks. The first 100 students of the program started their training last September.

The BMW plant in Debrecen and its institutional partner, the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre (DSZC), received almost three times as many applications as available places for the dual vocational training programme, which will start in September for the second time now. The BMW Group's Dual Vocational Training Programme is open to one hundred full-time students per year who, after successfully completing the three-year course, will be able to take up full-time positions at BMW Manufacturing Hungary Kft., one of the most modern vehicle factories around the world.

At the press event on the selection of students, Hans-Peter Kemser, President and CEO of BMW Group Plant Debrecen, emphasized that it is a great pleasure to see the success of the program and the growing number of students. "Our second 100 young colleagues have been selected and will start working with us in our Training Center from September. From the fall of 2025, we will have a total of 300 students in the training at the same time in the three grades" mentioned the Plant Leader.

Johannes Trauth Vice President and Head of HR at Plant Debrecen added that the training palette, which this year has been expanded by two specializations, enables even more effective education, which is further strengthened by the experienced instructors and excellent infrastructure.

László Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, said at the event that Plant Debrecen is a new harbinger of an era that will make the world pay attention to Debrecen in the coming years.

The first one hundred students of the programme started their studies last year as future technicians in the fields of mechatronics, electronics, automotive mechatronics, as well as IT systems and applications. Based on the students's feedback as well, the practice-oriented and well-structured programme model is successful. Experience has also shown that during the first year, students have bonded well and formed an excellent team while in the training they are enriched with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience.

During the two weeks of this year's selection process, the applicants' problem- solving and logical skills were first assessed by the BMW vocational training team in Debrecen, followed by an evaluation of their manual dexterity and professional preparation. The process was concluded with informal one-on-one interviews, during which the trainers explored the applicants' motivation.

The training will be hosted in the high-tech manufacturing environment of BMW Group Plant Debrecen and its Training Centre, which is equipped with the most modern educational infrastructure available, covering an area of almost 6,500 m2. The latter includes an automotive mechatronics, as well as a mechanical and automation workshop, on 600 and 800 m2 respectively, electronics and IT laboratories on 100 m2 each, as well as a 200 m2 metalworking workshop.

In addition to classrooms and workshops, the Training Centre offers students a spacious, 1,000 m2 break and dining area, providing opportunities for relaxing, as well as for working independently or in small groups.

Students participating in the BMW Group's Dual Vocational Training Programme will be introduced to the latest technologies in automotive manufacturing, and by the end of the training they will be comfortable in the world of Industry 4.0, including robotics, 3D printing, as well as virtual and augmented solutions. The development of soft skills is also an important part of the training. These include communication and presentation techniques, as well as project management skills and even health awareness. As part of this, in March, the students participated in an eye screening during a health day organized by the Health Center of the company in Debrecen.

Source: BMW Group Plant Debrecen, bmwgroup-werke.com/debrecen, 26.03.2024