Penal institution: promoting occupational qualification

Anke Spoorendonk, Minister of Justice for the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, delivered an allocation decision for about 1.31 million Euro to the TÜV NORD Bildung (Education) at the Lübeck penal institution. The funds are allocated for the provision of 163 occupational qualification measure placements at the penal institutions Kiel, Lübeck and Neumünster; the measures range from computer courses to complete vocational education and training courses, as well as integration supervision with a focus on the employment market.

"With the TÜV NORD Bildung, the demanding task of qualification provision at penal institutions goes to an education service provider with a nationwide reputation. Highly motivated and well-qualified trainers are ready for the challenge, well aware of their responsibility within the penal system. A good qualification opens up opportunities in the employment market once the prisoners are released. And those integrating themselves enduringly in the employment market after their release are less likely to slide back into crime", emphasised Spoorendonk.

The penal system in Schleswig-Holstein offers a broad spectrum of school and occupational qualification measures for prisoners. This ranges from school courses (secondary modern school (Hauptschule), German as a second language, adult literacy), over educational measures in preparation for an occupation and vocational partial qualifications in various trades as well as computer courses, to complete vocational education and training courses in a total of 11 crafts. Of the up to 400 placements, some 235 are offered by external providers of education operating within the penal system.

All three institutions (Kiel, Lübeck, Neumünster) offer an entrance assessment (profiling) for the appraisal of skills and knowledge, interests and feasibly achievable goals. The remaining service provision is site-specific and focused on target groups. It ranges from occupational basic training, over partial qualifications, to the option of a complete vocational education and training course.

At the Lübeck penal institution, both male and female inmates can choose computer courses or the option of occupational partial qualification in the field of industrial cleaning. The partial qualification at the wood workshop is available to male inmates, while the same option is available to female inmates at the textile workshop. Moreover, there are openings for occupational basic training available for male inmates. In Lübeck, a total number of 52 qualification placements is available.

As a rule, the qualification measures are met with a high degree of interest. The annual average rate of capacity utilisation is more than 90 per cent.

Source: revised by iMOVE, August 2013