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When the profession is virtually unknown

There is a long list of training professions. Training regulations are amended regularly so that content remains relevant and up to date. From time to time, entirely new forms of training are added. What are the advantages and disadvantages of entering unknown territory?

Working together to support strong VET in Kenya

WorldSkills Germany and WorldSkills Kenya enter partnership to support the development of vocational education and training (VET) and skills.

Even in times of crisis – higher-level education and training guards against unemployment

Dortmund Chamber of Crafts and Trades improves basic conditions as a result of vocational education and training (VET) partnership with vocational school and Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Albania.

Chefs' training in the European Union

Chefs' training in Europe has been analysed as part of an European Union (EU)-funded Project. This includes surveys in schools, companies and associations of the countries involved.

2022 budget: almost €21 billion – around 4,000 additional positions

Yvonne Gebauer, Schools and Education Minister for the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament, has presented the draft budget for 2022. According to this, the Ministry of Schools and Education budget allows for total expenditure of approximately €20.9 billion, an increase of €445 million on the previous year.

Campaign shows how attractive vocational education and training can be

WorldSkills Germany and six partners want to use the "Zukunft braucht Bildung" campaign – which focuses on training’s key role in Germany remaining a strong economic nation – to draw attention to the importance of vocational training and continuing education.

Successful progression through training in dual VET despite coronavirus pandemic

Contract termination rate falls – exam pass rate remains stable 

Launch of joint project "InnoVET CLOU – Future Cluster for Innovative Vocational Education and Training"

The InnoVET project "CLOU" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports adaptive and open pathway training and continuing education (German Qualification Framework 5-7) in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. 

New bachelor's graduates launch their mortarboards

Velbert: with mortarboards aloft, 40 graduates from the trade and technical school for social education celebrate their special day. The first "Bachelor Professional in Social Services" qualifications were awarded at Bleibergquelle vocational college.