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Egypt, Germany sign agreements worth 330 m euros on renewable energy, vocational training

The agreements include grants and concessional financing.

Learning where and how you want

Flexible learning on the internet used to be something for university students. However, online courses are also attractive for companies and employees.

Being a journeywoman

They wear black bell bottoms, black corduroy jackets, a hat and generally carry just a small bundle of items. Skilled tradespeople on the road. The adventure lasts for three years and increasing numbers of women are keen to get involved. One of them is master carpenter Johanna Röh.

Siemens collaborate with MSDE, BMZ for High-Quality Vocational Training

Siemens Limited, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMZ) collaborate for 'Skills for Sustainable Growth' through German Dual Vocational Education and Training (VET) methodology with a focus on 'Green Skills'.

Successful integration of refugees through dual vocational education and training

Dual vocational education and training contributes significantly to the integration of refugees arriving in Germany. In the 2017/18 placement year, more than one-third of registered trainee position applicants with a migration background succeeded in entering company-based vocational education and training under the Vocational Training Act or the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code.

Vocational education and training with a powerful integrating effect

Chamber of Crafts and Trades' refugee initiative has been successful since 2015.

Reaching people with individual offers

The newly created support and mentoring area was the first stop for Peter Weiß on his visit to the Lahrer workshops. The member of the German parliament pays a visit to the Johannes-Diakonie social welfare organisation at least once a year to find out about the latest developments, such as how, for example, the organisation is incorporating the Federal Participation Act for supporting people with a disability.

Dual training for people with disabilities

In the Main-Franconian workshops, people with disabilities are able to complete "light" dual training. This provides them with improved opportunities in the labour market following their workshop activity.

VET is becoming increasingly complex

Vocational education and training is growing in popularity for those with the higher education entrance qualification. This is what the figures show for the start of training in 2019 as well as for previous years according to information from the Hochrhein-Bodensee Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

Eckert schools - Germany's best continuing education provider

"5-star" continuing education and training: Germany's best provider of continuing vocational education and training is based in the Regensburg region. The magazine "Stern" awarded the Eckert Schools top marks in all assessment criteria, naming it Germany's "best provider of vocational education and training".

WorldSkills: Two golds for Germany

Five spots on the podium as well as 19 medallions for excellence: Vocational education and training in Germany is at world championship level. At this year's WorldSkills Competition, the German team significantly improved upon last year's results.

"VET week" in Rhineland-Palatinate

Minister Wissing meets trainee hearing aid acousticians.