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Technical toys and the German engineer

Whenever the quality of "Made in Germany" is praised, people always conjure up the spirit of the German engineer. When did this spirit come about? What are its main characteristics? Is such a spirit unique the world over? Zhang Danhong pursues answers to these questions.

2019 Albert Einstein Cup

Young international software developers compete in Neubrandenburg

Why occupations are not chosen

BIBB study emphasises the significance of social recognition.

Thousands enjoy a gourmet delight

Second staging of the "Championnat du Chocolat à Coblence" at Koblenz Palace - extraordinary entries

From school to training

Every year, just over 50,000 young people with disabilities leave school in Germany to embark upon their professional journey.

Craft Trades – Made in Germany

The German craft trades sector enjoys international recognition and a worldwide presence. Its spirit of innovation, passion, and reliable all-round service fires the enthusiasm of customers across the globe.

Offering a perspective to young people with disabilities

The not-for-profit Lichtenau Centre for Vocational Education and Training and the charitable organisation LeQua have entered into a close cooperation agreement with the Penta Hotel Group. The aim is to bring about a further improvement in the vocational training and integration of people who require support.

"Train the trainer" – Indonesia's best mechatronics trainers complete continuing training in the Saarland

This year's Indonesian Government programme "Sending a thousand teachers abroad for advanced scientific training" has dispatched participants to Japan, Australia, France and other destinations including the Saarland. Indonesia's Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effend chose around 1,000 of the country's most capable experts to deepen their technical expertise in this way.

Obama and Büdenbender discuss training

Auma Obama (59), the half-sister of the former US President Barack Obama, recently met up with Germany's First Lady Elke Büdenbender (57) in Berlin.

iMOVE's three-country conference a complete success

The working visit to Germany by colleagues from the three participating countries at the start of June 2019 was a resounding success and was characterised by intensive discussion between the iMOVE head office in Bonn, the iMOVE offices in China and India, the contact point in Iran as well as the German education sector and the Ministry of Education.

Vocational education and training systems in Europe at a glance

Cedefop offers a concise, clear and concrete picture of vocational education and training (VET) systems in a new publication, which brings together the main VET features and data in 30 countries: all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland.

Rapid action needed for people to meet challenges of changing world of work

Governments need to overhaul their approach to employment and jobs to reduce further social and economic tensions, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Without rapid action, many people, particularly the low skilled, will be left behind in the fast-changing world of work.