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Springboarding Nigerian youth to careers in digital economy with IT training and internships

Students learn 21st-century digital skills required by the Nigerian job market.

Ghana – setting the future course of the Commission for TVET

How can (and must) a national vocational education and training agency be structured in order to foster a sustainable TVET system? GOVET has been working on behalf of the BMBF to advise the Ghanaian Commission for TVET on organisational development and to lay down important markers for the future.

Trainee shortage adds to German workforce woes

Germany's vocational education system has long been envied but there is an increasing shortage of apprentices. The implications for the wider economy are profound.

More diversity in the startup scene

Afro-German startups are particularly fascinating on account of their different stories and backgrounds. Three interesting ideas presented. 

Well-prepared with dual training

A good vocational education is the foundation for a successful working life – important facts and figures about Germany.

MIKA – continuing training provision to promote the media-pedagogical competencies

The digital transformation is both impacting everyday training and work at companies and presenting trainers with new challenges. The continuing training concept "Media and IT competency for training staff (MIKA)" supports trainers with deploying digital technologies in teaching and learning processes and helps them develop personal competencies via guided practically related exercises in face-to-face sessions, webinars and phases of self-directed learning.

Profile of an occupation – organ builder

No two organs are the same since each one is individually made for the architectural space in which it is intended to ring out. Organ builders are specialists in a trade which builds on centuries of experience and combines traditional craft techniques with the latest technologies. Organ builder is clearly one of the musical instrument-making training occupations which attracts considerable interest.

Bridging the learning gap through digital STEM education using social entrepreneurial solution

Siemens Stiftung and Ghanaian social enterprise BLUETOWN launch AccessSTEM to enable access to high-quality Open Educational Resources (OERs) in semi-urban Ghana. The collaboration enables up to 5,000 teachers to connect to BLUETOWN's infrastructure and access digital learning and teaching materials on the local cloud. 

Facts about the dual vocational training system

Vocational training in Germany is recognised worldwide. You can discover how it works here.