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German-Greek debate on vocational education and training reform

The German-Greek collaboration in vocational education and training has a "solid foundation" and is conducted "on equal terms for the benefit of both countries".

Germany boosts incentives for companies offering vocational training

Germany will increase incentives for firms offering vocational training by 700 million euros ($830 million) as the COVID-19 pandemic undermines efforts to reduce shortages of skilled labour in Europe's largest economy, officials said.

Making dual education and training easier

A great honour for the young academics – yet concerns about the high drop-out rates in science subjects.

High proportion of pupils in vocational training and continuing education in Germany

In Germany, the proportion of pupils at so-called upper secondary level participating in vocational training and continuing education was recently above the average for OECD countries.

Germany impresses in vocational education and training

Strong vocational education and training, great advancement opportunities, a high level of readiness to engage in further training and progress in STEM. The OECD regards Germany as an international leader in many areas of the educational system.

Study: majority anticipate more digital continuing vocational education and training in the future

Home office and lockdown stimulate demand for digital training offers.

nexum and AmaliTech train IT specialists in Ghana

As part of a cooperation with AmaliTech, nexum is launching an IT training programme for talented young IT workers in Ghana. The Cologne-based AmaliTech is training talented young IT workers in Ghana and bringing them together with European companies via AmaliTech Services. 

Digital learning at vocational schools

Robots working as hotel assistants, dentures being produced in a 3D printer – this will be the norm for tomorrow's skilled workers. In order to prepare trainees as well as possible for this world of work, Hamburg's vocational schools are increasingly turning to digital teaching and learning concepts.

Coping confidently with the technical transformation

Study investigates training and employment in office-based occupations