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Industrial mechanics: professionals for large machines and systems

Whether its grinding, milling or filing, training as an industrial mechanic gives young skilled workers all the metal processing techniques they will need later on in their everyday working lives.

Foreign professional qualifications: five percent more recognitions in 2020

In 2020, 44,800 training qualifications obtained abroad were recognised as fully or partially equivalent to a qualification obtained in Germany.

Digitisation for South African TVET lecturers – TRAINME project enters second round

The modular training and education of South African (TVET) lecturers in mechanical and electrical engineering (TRAINME) project was a successful "train the trainer" project.

Germany: National Skills Strategy 2019 review

The National Skills Strategy, launched in June 2019, responds to a steadily changing world of work by promoting a new training culture, which sees occupational continuing vocational education and training (CVET) as a lifelong necessity. 

Ten facts about skilled crafts

The skilled crafts are the number one trainee instructor in Germany - and always looking for talent. Ten facts you should know.

Promoting dual vocational training worldwide

Many countries are looking to the German model as an effective means of combating youth unemployment.

Heidelberg training program lauded in Germany

Of the 4,000 companies surveyed across all sectors and regions, Heidelberg's training program was rated among the best.

How Spain seeks to prop up its young and desperate generation

A grave lack of state support programs has driven many young Spaniards to despair in recent years, which were marked by multiple economic crises. As students are suffering the most, efforts are underway to help them.