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Top marks awarded 33 times

The Coburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) held a graduation ceremony at the town's Rosengarten Congress Centre to honour 294 trainees who have completed their qualification in a range of commercial, business, and technical occupations.

"Learning factory 4.0" cooperation agreement signed

The City of Mannheim, the Werner von Siemens School (WvSS) and the Friedrich List School create a joint working basis for the implementation of a "learning factory 4.0" in Mannheim.

Virtual practice, real learning

Practice makes perfect is an axiom that applies just as much in the craft trades sector as it does on the operating table. Virtual reality permits risky hand movements to be learned before they need to be precisely performed in a real emergency. But the new technology can also provide benefits for subjects which are highly theoretical. Training via computer.

Cooperation between social partners and the state

At an international conference staged by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), educational experts from the fields of politics and research highlighted the significance of cooperation between social partners and the state in vocational education and training.

Further development of a successful vocational education and training model

Amendment of the Vocational Training Act approved by the German Cabinet

Making sound art with stops and pipes

New training regulations for organ makers

Technical toys and the German engineer

Whenever the quality of "Made in Germany" is praised, people always conjure up the spirit of the German engineer. When did this spirit come about? What are its main characteristics? Is such a spirit unique the world over? Zhang Danhong pursues answers to these questions.

2019 Albert Einstein Cup

Young international software developers compete in Neubrandenburg

Why occupations are not chosen

BIBB study emphasises the significance of social recognition.

Thousands enjoy a gourmet delight

Second staging of the "Championnat du Chocolat à Coblence" at Koblenz Palace - extraordinary entries

From school to training

Every year, just over 50,000 young people with disabilities leave school in Germany to embark upon their professional journey.

Craft Trades – Made in Germany

The German craft trades sector enjoys international recognition and a worldwide presence. Its spirit of innovation, passion, and reliable all-round service fires the enthusiasm of customers across the globe.