We need an expert help in the vocational education sector in Egypt

B2B opportunity | Nahdet Misr

We as a market leader company in the field of education in the Egyptian market, are working on a new project with the Egyptian ministry of education to embed vocational education throughout our educational system.

From what we have noticed here is the shortage of skilled labor through the country and also the high unemployment rate in the past few years. We see it as an important opportunity to boost our economy and craftsmanship.

Founded in 1938 with a vision to empower the Arab reader and learner, the group has grown to become an icon of knowledge to all segments of the Arab world.

Nahdet Misr Publishing Group offers an assortment of integrated quality solutions in publishing, education, and digital content/solutions. Such solutions that were first offered in print, later adapted into digital formats of educational, edutainment and entertainment material.

We kindly request a catalog or a guide to all the available vocational programs that you can provide. We prefer that it be in the form of paper books, also each subject preferred to come with a teacher's guide and a student textbook.

Detail information

Organisation: Nahdet Misr
Location: Egypt
Published: 2020-08-11
Target countries: Egypt
Contact person: Mr. Mohamed Khalifa

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