Workseed - a highly innovative LMS purely built for vocational education - is searching for a consultant who could validate the German market. We are also interested in finding sales partners

B2B opportunity | Workseed

Description of the planned project:
We would like to find a consultant who could validate German market for us by organising ca. 5-10 meetings with private German vocational schools, especially corporations with their own vocational education programs. We are also interested in finding sales partner(s) who would sell our cloud software in Germany.

About the company:
Workseed is a Finnish edtech company, who has a highly innovative LMS (Learning Management System) cloud solution purely built for Vocational schools (Vocational schools and vocational universities).
Workseed has in a relative short period received a good position within leading Finnish vocational schools. Additionally Workseed has already international clients and it seems as if the solution is seen as highly innovative in international markets as well. Workseed software results in better vocational learning and saved time for the teachers, even 4 hours per week.

Good contacts/network to Vocational Schools. Ideally the consultant would have good contacts to corporations with their own vocational schools.
Pls see section description of the planned project.

Detail information

Organisation: Workseed
Location: Finland
Published: 2019-09-25
Target countries: Finland
Contact person: Mr. Joakim Kytölä

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