Requesting for train the trainers programs and establishing a joint vocational and technical training center with a German training providers. Phase I: Training of Trainers

B2B opportunity | University of applied science and technology of Damavand

We are going to send delegated trainers to Germany to achieve the following skills as a qualified trainer: Installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators and Vocational training methods.
Phase II: Corporate Vocational Courses in Elevator and Escalator Industries: The aim is to train and qualify the skilled technicians for the potential market of European companies that are growing in the the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, CIS and Oman. The training courses are going to be held by the UASTDs qualified training of trainers and under German partner's supervision in Iran or in the region countries. The final certificate will be approved by UASTD and the German partner.

About us:
University of applied science and technology of damavand is a private institute under the supervision of government, established by two elevator manufacturers, TESLA IRAN co.(Since 1970) and Damavand lift manufacturing co.(Since 1990).Our vocational training comprises different levels and qualification, mainly as below: 1-Vocational Training center which present a variety of VT courses in Installation, maintenance and inspection of electrical/hydraulic elevator and escalator, under the supervisor of Technical and Vocational Training organization of ministry of Labor of IRAN since 1980. 2-Elevator High school which train the young students in a 4 years course for installation and maintenance of Elevators.

Elevator and escalator engineering as a new interdisciplinary academic branch needs trainers who are experts in this industry with significant expertise in vocational training able to transfer their knowledge to students as the future technicians, engineers and inspectors during the practical courses.
Titles of Technical Courses (or equivalents):
• Installation and maintenance of electrical/hydraulic elevators
• Installation/Maintenance of escalators and moving staircases
• Inspection of elevators,escalators and moving staircases
Improving the validity and acceptance of the certificates for the EU member companies.

Detail information

Organisation: University of applied science and technology of Damavand
Location: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Published: 2019-05-29
Target countries: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Contact person: Mr. Ruzbeh Mirabdollah Yani

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