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Logo: GmbH GmbH offers a training program for engineers in automotive development
Logo: Carl Duisberg Centren

Carl Duisberg Centren

Technical management & intercultural training, language courses, school programs, international consulting
Logo: CGP - Center for Global Politics

CGP - Center for Global Politics

Politics, economics, intercultural communication, migration, conflict management and international security
Logo: Chamber of Crafts Koblenz

Chamber of Crafts Koblenz

Welding, material, constructional, electrical and plastics engineering; laser and other new emerging technologies
Logo: Change International Consulting and Training

Change International Consulting and Training

Solutions in the field of human resource and organisational development
Logo: China Consultancy

China Consultancy

Cross-cultural training, negotiation support, team building, coaching and conflict management.
Logo: Christian Ahrens - International Welding Consultant

Christian Ahrens - International Welding Consultant

Education and training in welding and corrosion protection and adhesive bonding
Logo: Christiani GmbH & Co. KG

Christiani GmbH & Co. KG

Life Long Learning concepts and solutions for technical training, didactic material and technical equipment.
Logo: clear entrance®

clear entrance®

Tailor-made education for instructors incl. further training courses in customer service management
Logo: Coaching & Consulting Ralf Messbacher

Coaching & Consulting Ralf Messbacher

Enabling for Change: Facilitation, teambuilding, outdoor training, workshops, coaching, training, change management
Logo: COGNOS International

COGNOS International

We create and deliver life-long education concepts to fit to customer needs, market trends and best-in-class
Logo: Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH

Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH

Sustainable Development, SDG 17, Partnerships, Collective Leadership, Stakeholder Dialogues
Logo: Com-Unic Corporate Group

Com-Unic Corporate Group

Accreditation of Qualifications, Training, Coaching, Intercultural Competences, Translations, Proofreading
Logo: compass international GmbH

compass international GmbH

Intercultural training, multicultural teamtraining, coaching, expatriate briefing
Logo: Complexity Management Academy GmbH

Complexity Management Academy GmbH

Spezialized on building competencies in the field of complexity management
Logo: Consultant-NET Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Consultant-NET Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Training and coaching: Train-the-Trainer, Brand and Brand Behaviour, products, teambuilding
Logo: Cornelsen eCademy & inside GmbH

Cornelsen eCademy & inside GmbH

Internationally operating and multiple award-winning full-service provider for corporate training
Logo: Cornelsen Schulverlage GmbH

Cornelsen Schulverlage GmbH

Publishing: language courses, vocational textbooks, business training books
Logo: Cottbus Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Cottbus Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Vocational education and further training in skilled crafts
Logo: Crossing Cultures

Crossing Cultures

Specialist for intercultural communication competency, cross-cultural team management, Fit-for-Germany trainings