Cooperation and collaboration with potential German training providers

B2B opportunity | Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering & Construction Companies (APEC)

APEC is interested in exploring any potential opportunities for making cooperation agreements with the German associations and chambers active in vocational education and training in petroleum, construction and energy sectors, which are interested in working in Iran.

One of the key interests that APEC has is the establishment of a joint international vocational and technical training center with one of the German vocational training providers in iMOVE's network in the oil gas and petrochemical industry.

The Association of Petroleum industry Engineering and Construction companies (APEC) was established in the year 2000 and consists of about 282 member companies who are Active in major oil, gas, and petrochemical projects in Iran and the region countries.

In the last two decades APEC members have been working with international companies in joint ventures or consortiums. Members of the APEC association have the ability and are ready to form consortiums or joint ventures (JV) to participate in major oil, gas and petrochemical projects in other countries.

The requirements should be collected and analyzed after having some round tables and introduction meetings and visits with iMOVE and the interested German training providers to work in Iran and to know their offer.

APEC will facilitate and coordinate this networking and communication in Iran with its members.

Detail information

Organisation: Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering & Construction Companies (APEC)
Location: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Published: 2019-08-13
Target countries: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Contact person: Mr. Mosa Taheri

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