Establishment of a vocational and skills development school for mining industries in Kerman province

Kooperationsgesuch | ARZESH AFARINAN RAYAZMA Company as learning provider

There are many large scale mining industries in Iran, that need skills training to increase mining productivity, safety and ultimately profitability.There is no specialized mining training school in this region, so we are going to start establishing a mining training center, focusing on maintenance and pneumatic at this stage, to design and develop the most skilled workforce for mining industries of Kerman province. The project will focus on providing vocational training services for Arman Gohar Sirjan Company which is one of the biggest contractors of mining industries in Kerman in various fields such as construction, maintenance of equipment and tools as well as control and supervisory systems.

About the Ccmpany:
Our company, ARZESH AFARINAN RAYAZMA, is the representative of IMI (Industrial Management Institute) in Kerman province. IMI is the first institute (Founded in 1962) to provide managerial services (education and training, consultancy and research) to different industries. In its resume, IMI has the consultancy of the big companies and organizations in Iran.

A good and proven resume and international experience in providing maintenance and pneumatic vocational training programs, particularly in mining industries. Having working experience in Iran is very desirable.


Organisation ARZESH AFARINAN RAYAZMA Company as learning provider
Sitz Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Veröffentlicht 2019-12-17 14:11:52
Zielländer Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Ansprechpartner Frau Abdolreza Tahsini

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