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The central role of the skilled crafts in modernisation processes in France, Germany and Europe was discussed at the meeting of the French and German chambers of skilled crafts. 2023-01-30T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Still much to do according to the Report on Vocational Education and Training

Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH) President Wollseifer comments on federal government's Report on Vocational Education and Training. 2023-01-25T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Vocational school teaching in virtual reality in the Würth metaverse

The Würth Industrie Service metaverse comprises around 90 worlds. One of these is inhabited by teachers and students from the Erich Bracher School. We've taken a look at how commercial apprentices are learning to design sales floors in VR. 2023-01-23T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Continuing education course in project development for climate protection and sustainability

From September 2022, Bremen University is offering a continuing education course on the topic of "Project Development for Environment – Energy – Sustainability". 2023-01-18T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Nothing works without the skilled trades

Getting into training 2023-01-11T12:00+02:00 iMOVE