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Shyamal Majumdar, UNESCO expert from Bonn, on the fight against youth unemployment 2020-05-27T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
GPCCI hails enterprise-based tech-voc educ training accord

Officials of the K to 12 PLUS Project witness the signing of the partnership. 2020-05-25T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Vocational education and training in Europe, 1995-2035

Scenarios for European vocational education and training in the 21st century 2020-05-20T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Vocational education key to employability & preventing young people dropping out of school

A newly published ETF report presents an overview on education, skills and employment in the EU neighbouring countries. 2020-05-18T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
iMOVE features new internet portals

The German as well as the international internet portal of iMOVE have undergone a comprehensive modernization process and are now accessible in a brand new design. 2020-05-14T12:00+02:00 iMOVE