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The Federal Ministry of Education is providing immediate support to municipalities in their work on education and training with two innovative projects. 2021-01-18T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Qualifications for Future – climate change as an occupation

Off to a sustainable start with dual training occupations 2021-01-15T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
"I view the world in a different way"

33-year-old Marcel Kunze from Derne, Germany, has been deaf since birth. He is only able to work with the help of a hearing prosthesis. He had actually wanted to retrain as a train driver but it all turned out differently. 2021-01-13T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
When supported, part-time training produces successful outcomes

Part-time training is also an option but is rarely used. The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) has taken a look at the structures and developments. 2021-01-06T12:00+02:00 iMOVE
Refugees in Essen learn how wind power works

In the "Empower refugees" project, refugees have completed their training at the KWS PowerTech Training Center. Employment prospects are good. 2021-01-04T12:00+02:00 iMOVE