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Cooperation China

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Find your point of contact in China on the new "Cooperation China" page in the iMOVE portal.
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New iMOVE interview:

Qualification of Indian master trainers in three-year collaboration

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Education Forum

7th Arab-German Education and Vocational Training Forum

5 to 6 October 2016, Berlin

iMOVE and Ghorfa would be delighted to welcome you!
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Success Stories in Spanish

8 historias de éxito del sector médico y de asistencia sanitaria

8 historias de éxito del sector de las energías renovables y las tecnologías limpias
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iMOVE Office India

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iMOVE publications are available for download in PDF format in various languages. You can also order printed versions from us by email.
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From our Network

Take inspiration from our examples of the international experience and expertise the German education and training providers in the iMOVE Network are able to offer.
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Links to Germany

Our collection of links includes information services, organisations and state vocational training and trade and industry institutions in Germany.
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Provider database

Find a suitable initial and continuing training partner in our iMOVE Provider database of more than 200 German education and training providers.
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B2B marketplace

Are you seeking German expertise across all areas of vocational education and training? Set out your specific needs by making an entry in our iMOVE B2B marketplace.
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